Ashley Flint


Jordan Sowell

Ashley Flint and Jordan Sowell

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Thank you for visiting our website. For those of you that do not know the story of how we met, please allow us to explain. We both went to the same schools and ironically switched to the opposite schools at the same time. Jordan knew who Ashley was & decided to slide into Ashley's Facebook messages. Although this was a millennial move on Jordan's behalf, we realized we were both old souls and the rest was history. We rented an apartment together after 2 months of knowing each other, which was a bold move on our behalf. We kept telling people, "when you know, you know." Our love of dogs was always a topic of conversation and when we realized our apartment complex allowed pets, we just had to "look." We both knew "looking" would turn into "buying" and we brought home our beloved Mattis only a few days after. We then bought a house & have built a life that we both have always dreamed of. Now, it is time to tie the knot!
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